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April 5, 2021 | Mark O'Neill | Amsterdam


Across various corporate workplaces, queer (i.e. LGBTQ+) employees construct and maintain their identity to an extent not experienced by their counterparts. For many, this requires management of an ongoing presentation of self throughout all stages of one’s career—meaning that important decisions must be made regarding the disclosure of one’s queer identity status. Choosing to “come out” of the corporate closet may be a personal, political, or functional decision for some, while others may choose to obscure stereotypical displays of their identity to mitigate risk. Efforts to communicate in more prototypically “straight” or “male” tones may also impact communication under prevailing power structures and social expectations. Further, generational differences between older and younger queer employees may impact their outlook on society, safety, and assimilation. This ongoing construction of interpersonal communication through disclosure follows queer employees as they navigate changing workplace dynamics. Increasingly, global implications for corporations operating in heteronormative climates may threaten the physical and social safety of queer employees. Broader changes to corporate communication brought on by new ways of working and the COVID-19 pandemic may also shift the future of disclosure in corporate workplaces. In recent years, changes in diversity management have also elevated the plight of queer employees through outreach efforts, affinity groups, and educational resources.

Commissioning Party: Amsterdam School Of Communication Research
Principal Investigator: Mark O’Neill, University Of Amsterdam; +31 (06) 42790615
Principal Supervisor: Dr Irina Lock, University Of Amsterdam
Institutional Review Board: Ethics Committee; Postbus 15793, 1001 NG Amsterdam; +31 (020) 5253680


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